Sunday, November 20, 2011

Its you..

To whom it may concern,

Almost 4 years has it been...
I never thought it would end like this...
The decision that you made has truly given a tremendous impact towards myself...
But it's yours to be made, and I'm just respecting you by accepting it..

Our memories together, be it good or bad times, when enjoying or crying, has always been a truly precious memento for me.. A lot of hardship that we've been through together, but yet this is how it ends. To tell you the truth, I never expected this is how it's gonna end between us. We'd gone through worst situations that could easily threatened our relationship. But I never give it up so easily, because I believe in our relationship. Yet, a truly unexpected couple of events that triggered the end of our strong relationship.

I know I had done so many wrong things to you, and I'm truly sorry for all of that.. But know this, there are couples of more positive side of solution that we could come up with rather than breaking up. This is not even the first time this kind of situation occurred between us, if you do know what I meant.. But still, the decision has been made and I have to respect it.

I may not be the perfect guy that any girl would wish for..
The guy who would sacrifice all his time to be with you..
The guy who could afford all kinds of luxuries for you..
The guy who would be there for you whether you need him or not...
But I can tell you this..
I'd always, and will always be there as much as I can for you, support you in anyway I can, be the person you truly can count on whether during a shiny or rainy days..

I'm truly sorry, I couldn't ever forget you..So many ways I've tried, yet I'm becoming more and more prone to love and care about you each and every day. I don't even know whether you're truly meant for me or not, but I keep believing you are. Because deep down my heart I've always believe in us and our relationship.

Whatever may happen after this, I will always be there for you if you ever need me. If you ever find someone who's better than me, don't hesitate if he's truly meant for you. Don't ever worry about me, I'll be okay. Because the most important thing for me is seeing you happy with you life, and that is enough for me to keep breathing and continue living even alone.. Even as friends, I'll be there whenever you need me. Always know that you can count on me all the time, and I'll support in whatever good things that you are doing. If our relationship is strong, I'm sure we'll be together again.. But if not, just know that there is someone better out there waiting for you.

If you do read this post, then I'm sorry if I ever make you think back all those things. But this post is meant for both of us. I love and miss you so much sweetheart, take care of yourself always. Don't ever get too stressed out, be happy and smile always. ^_^